Helping people to embrace and nourish the bodies they were created with using a non-diet approach. 

My name is Kristin Williams and I am a registered dietitian specialized in working with individuals with eating disorders, emotional eating and a history of chronic dieting.

I have found that the foundational component to properly nourishing yourself is to first make peace with food. This involves letting go of rigid food rules and the diet mentality and learning how to trust your own internal hunger and fullness cues.

I use a non-diet approach with an "all foods fit" motto. I believe that part of good nutrition is enjoying your food and finding satisfaction in eating. I also believe that black and white thinking around food can contribute to disordered eating.

In my practice, I use a non-weight focused approach where I work with individuals on making healthy behavioral changes and letting their weight fall where it will while empowering clients to accept and embrace their unique bodies. I assist individuals in incorporating  intuitive eating into their everyday life, help them to find types of movement that are both enjoyable and social and encourage them to embrace a health at every size concept.  


Kristin Williams, RDN, LDN 

Kristin is a registered dietitian licensed in the state of Texas. She has a degree in Nutritional Sciences from Texas A&M University and completed her dietetic internship at Medical City Dallas Hospital. Kristin has experience working in the inpatient as well as outpatient hospital setting providing medical nutrition therapy and nutrition counseling. Kristin specializes in treating individuals with eating disorders and works at an eating disorder treatment facility treating clients in the inpatient, residential, partial hospitalization program. 

Kristin is a member of the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals as well as the International Federation of Eating Disorder Dietitians.